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Complete a short form with your personal and business information.

You can sell any tangible product that falls into any of the following categories:


Snacks & Sweets

Catering Equipment

Dairy & Eggs

Fresh Fruit & Veg

Bakery & Pastry

Frozen Food

Meat, Poultry & Fish


Healthy & Organic


The product should not be on our prohibited products list.


All kinds of narcotic or recreational drugs

Gambling tools, machineries and devices of all kinds

Pirated content

Counterfeit currencies

Radiation and nuclear fallout contaminated substances

Items that contradict Islamic faith and public morals

Items used in black magic, witchcraft or sorcery

Poppy seeds, or any items containing poppy seeds

Nylon fishing nets


Counterfeit goods or items of any type

>Any goods or items that violate the intellectual property rights of any company or individual

Stocks, bonds, investment interests and other securities

>Currencies (including digital currencies) and negotiable instruments (for example, cheques).

Items that promote hatred, violence, ethnic, racial or religious intolerance

Artifacts, antiquities and art treasures

Pornographic materials or items

Medical drugs (including over-the-counter)

Medical devices

Drug paraphernalia (for example, marijuana pipes/bongs and grow lights)

E-cigarettes and electronic hookah

Tobacco products, nicotine and e-liquids

Flammable, explosive, hazardous and radioactive chemicals and substances

Fireworks and firecrackers

Firearms and ammunition (or items/toys that look like firearms or ammunition)

Weapons (for example, crossbows and switchblade knives)


Devices designed to intentionally block, jam or interfere with authorized communications

Spy equipment and devices

Bank card readers or “skimmers”

Used SIM cards

Live animals

Animal parts that have been restricted by applicable laws (for example, ivory)

Alcohol for consumption, or food products containing alcohol

Pork products

Any other goods or items, prohibited under the GCC Common Customs Law or any other law or regulation applicable in the Qatar.

Please provide and upload the below information and documents on your Vendor Dashboard to complete your verification:

Trade license

Qatari ID (front and back)

Minimum Order Value (MOV)

Company Address

Pick up address

The primary invoicing relationship is between you and the Buyer. Therefore, you should not issue invoices to First Cater for the sale of products. You are solely responsible for issuing and submitting an invoice to the Buyer directly, as agreed between you and the Buyer, but at the latest at the time of delivery.

Please log in to your registered Vendor account on First Cater. Click on “Vendor dashboard”. Then go to “Products ” on the left side of the page, when the page loads up click on “Add new product” on the right-hand side of the page and fill out the product details.

For more details, click here and follow the instructions on our page ‘How to upload and update your product catalogue’.

You can find more information on the following page or get in touch with one of our product listing experts at

The vendor Dashboard is where you manage all aspects of your vendor account. This allows you to manage your promotions, orders received your products listings, and much more.

There are two ways to reset your password:

  • Go to “Account details” under My Account, scroll down to password change, fill out the required details and then click save changes to reset the password.
  • You can also click the “Lost Password” link on the login page and follow the steps sent to your registered email address.

Your data privacy is important to us. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of the information that you provide us and we will take all reasonable and necessary measures to protect your personal information. We only collect information that is necessary to verify your identity and provide you with our services, enhance your experience, and to protect your account. We may collect the following information: name, address, phone number, email address, gender, date of birth, language and user preferences. Our electronic information systems are password protected to prevent unauthorized access, by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software, which encrypts the information you input. In order to maintain this protection, we advise you not to provide your password to anyone. We have adopted security measures in an effort to protect personal information from loss, misuse or alteration while it is under our control. Our staff are trained and required to protect the privacy of your personal information. If you believe that your password has been misused, please contact us immediately.

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