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Better insight into business data from various aspects.

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Get feedback from customer directly and reply questions on the fly

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Sell more! Unlock the Qatar market.

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    Simply join our marketplace and list your products on the site.
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    No multi-million investments building your own ecommerce infrastructure and bringing customers to the site.

About Us

We are Qatar’s first Business-to-Business Catering eMarketplace. Shaping the Catering B2B sector by building a digital ecosystem, beautifully designed and simple to use. Through our technology, holistic ecosystem, and talented people, we are enabling seamless trade between Buyers and Sellers all across Qatar, supporting SMEs in their business growth, reinventing B2B procurement, and empowering entrepreneurs across the country.

 Ecommerce sales are booming in Qatar!

The world post-covid has become more digitalised, and Qatar is no exception. With the e-commerce sector in Qatar expected to grow to at least QAR 12 billion (US $3.2 billion) by the end of this year. Don’t be left behind, start your seller journey now!

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